Internationale ALBI Projekte

Wir sind auch Global erfolgreich

durch unsere Präsenz in mehr als 20 Ländern der Welt.
Mit unserem erstklassigen Business-Netzwerk und einzigartigem zentralen Management, sind wir in der
Lage Ihre Projekte kostengünstig und vollständig im Bereich Projektmanagement und IT-Service zu realisieren.

Internationale Kunden über uns

… the result was always a perfectly done job with which we were satisfied. We have experience that they can promptly provide a field engineer if requested and they always know what they are doing. Based upon the foregoing, we can recommend Albi e.U. as a reliable partner in the field of IT support.

Over the last years your company has developed to a substantial know-how leader of our IT landscape especially in the production area what is a highly critical success factor for APTIV.

… we would like to mention that Albi e.U. has a very high technical and social competence. So it was always possible to solve problems in operations or challenges in projects together very successfully.

We really regret that a future cooperation is uncertain but we would like to thank you for the highly professional and very pleasant cooperation over the last years.